Our skilled lineman, splice technicians and civil operators and dedicated project managers do more than construct fiber optic networks. We collaborate with our clients as a team. The challenges in delivering fast and reliable communications for universities are unique and complex. At Phoenix, we are committed to fostering a collaborative, communicative effort, so you get a fiber optic network designed to meet those challenges head-on.

Teamwork is Key

We are lifelong learners and community members, and our employees are among the most skilled in the industry. All team members are informed of every step in building a secure and robust network for your educational organization.

All construction activities are coordinated around your requirements. We understand the impact fiber optic construction can have on a campus. And, we are dedicated to reducing impacts on the learning environment.

Teamwork is Key

High-Speed Networks: A Critical Part of Infrastructure

More and more, technology is underpinning the modern university system. No matter the subject, teachers, researchers, and administrators continue to rely on the transmission of data at lightning speed. Without a reliable and fast network, the sharpest students will enroll elsewhere. By implementing modern, fast fiber optics, your university will remain competitive.

We offer the following fiber optics construction services for universities:

  • Project Management
  • Underground and Aerial Construction
  • Trenching and Micro-Trenching
  • Fiber Optic and Copper Cable Installation
  • Splicing
  • Electrical Services
  • Equipment Installation
  • OTDR and Power Meter Testing
  • PIM and Sweep Testing
  • Fiber Characterization Testing
  • 24 x 7 Network Maintenance

Building Modern, Competitive Networks

Implementing high-speed fiber optics is crucial to retaining staff and students. Investing in students’ education is an investment in the future. At Phoenix, we’re committed to building safe, reliable networks for college campuses. Let us develop and support your high-speed network. Representatives are standing by to answer your questions.