Fiber Optic Splicing Services Include

Fiber Optic Splicing

More commonly known as fusion splicing, glass fibers are literally melted together using a small arc of electricity.

Coax Splicing

Though it may be an aging component in telecommunications infrastructure many providers still rely on coax cable to service a large number of customers across the US.


The skill that separates most contractors. Skill, ability and years of experience allow us to tackle the most advanced problems in the field with ease.

Network Support

You won’t get very far by calling 911 when your network goes down. We have built our name on this special service for large and small networks.

OTDR and Power Meter Testing

These testing services combined prove our splice work has been completed to the highest degree of quality possible.

Fiber Characterization Testing

A culmination of tests that produce the type of results one would need to certify the highest data transfer links currently provided.

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